Buck Forage Chicory

  • Buck Forage Chicory

Buck Forage Chicory

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"The Nutrition Plot"

For best results, we recommend planting as a companion to Buck Forage Oats "The Harvest Plot", in the fall. Unlike lower choice deer food such as clover and brassica, deer have shown high preference for Buck Forage Chicory in the fall as well as spring and summer. This combination converts your Harvest Plot into a highly preferred Harvest and Nutrition Plot, and requires only one planting per year. Buck Forage Chicory has a protein content of 22-33% depending on the stage of plant growth. Buck Forage Chicory can tolerate heavy grazing, low temperatures, and is widely adapted to areas with 30 inches or more of annual rainfall. 

4 lb. bag, covers approximately 1 acre.

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